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PAULINE KETTLE - Registered Childminder   

Past feedback

Below are some comments that I have received about the service I provide. Original copies can be viewed if required.


  • “Pauline was very thorough and provided me with a copy of all certificates and documentation.”
  • “The prospectus was carefully put together to help provide me with as much information as possible.”
  • “Pauline’s family were always friendly and pleasant to my children.”
  • “Pauline was a life saver to my family as she made exception to my very difficult circumstances.”
  • “The fees seemed expensive because I have two children, however, Pauline always did more than she really had to with my children.”
  • “Pauline’s home was always clean, but also was child friendly.  There were toys around which is what I expect.”
  • “Pauline helped my children with their homework which I felt was very important.  Pauline has really helped my children to progress with their reading.”
  • “Pauline catered very well to my children’s needs from their daily activities down to their diets.  Pauline would call me to clarify things if she needed and was a great support to my family.  If I ever need childcare services again, I would always call upon Pauline.  She’s like a lifeline when you need it.”
  • “I always felt confident that my children were being well cared for and Pauline was very patient with my youngest child in the initial stages and worked with me to help settle her in.”
  •  "My son prefers Pauline to collect him from playschool than me now!  Every day he asks "is Pauline picking me up today?"  He is most definitely the "Best Childminder" in Benfleet!"
  •  "Pauline was able to help out when I was late home from work due to trains, etc.”
  • "We are able to go to work knowing he is well cared for and hapy (which every parent wants)"
  • "There is a lovely family atmospher in Pauline's house"
  • "Pauline has been a great mentor and shown my daughter discipline, warmth, manbners, care and most importantly how to be confident and interact with other children/adults in a respectful and well behaved manner"
  • "I am fortunate to have found someone I feel I can trust and would be happy to recommend Pauline to anyone"
  • "Pauline is 100% reliable"
  • "The school holiday activities are always well planned and provide lots of fun and educational opportunities for all ages of children in her care"
  • "Unquestionably very professional, caring and attentive to all in her care"